The Paisano business model is based on a transparent and integrated agricultural supply-chain that connects field-to-export-market. We build scalable, replicable and commercially viable enterprises to promote the sustainable development of rural communities.

With technology, equipment, infrastructure and training, Paisano farmers improve their crop yields, capture more value and sell internationally.

We carefully align farmer and investor interests with our sustainable, profitable enterprises that farmers eventually own.

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Producers are organized into groups of 6-10, based on crop type and proximity. The farmer groups are legally established as SPRs. Today we have operations in three regions of Mexico, each home to multiple SPRs.
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We provide farmers access to modern technology, equipment, machinery and warehousing facilities. We also have in-house production of bio-based agricultural inputs and help farmers gain international certifications, such as "organic".
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Paisano's three-year course combines classroom theory with practical training and is open to farmers and their families. Farmers have access to one-on-one support.
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On average, farmers see yields increase 2-3x within 3 years and 80% of their produce is of export quality within 4 years.
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Our modern packing and processing facilities have refrigeration chambers, IQFs, machinery and warehousing stations. We add significant value to the fruit before it is sold.
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We have a trusted network of professional third-party logistics providers.
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Our commercial enterprise, headquartered in Mexico City, target sales to export markets where prices are highest. We take a low fixed-commission and all price gains are passed back to our regional enterprises (which farmers jointly own).
This story starts with a smallholder farmer...
This story starts with a smallholder farmer...

The farmers typically own 1-10 hectares of land, have no access to credit and farm using old-fashioned techniques with minimal use of technology. Farmers mostly produce for their own consumption or sell to local markets as they lack the volume and quality to export.

Mexico has seen high rural-urban migration in recent years, depleting the human and social resources of remote farming regions.

...and ends with a prosperous business-owner
...and ends with a prosperous business-owner

We carefully align the interests of smallholder farmers and investors. Our farmers are granted a small ownership stake in Paisano's regional enterprises from day 1, with investors owning the remaining majority. Farmers enjoy more income from their improved production. In addition, farmers earn profits from Paisano's rural enterprises which are directed to buying shares from investors, increasing their ownership year-by-year. Over a 10-year period, our investors receive a return as they are diluted and our farmers become independent owners of the rural enterprises.